About Us

The heart behind Landmark Letters beats in rhythm with the insatiable curiosity of my very own daughter! As we ventured through our homeschool geography lessons, a passion ignited in us both. Each country we studied together momentarily led us to the doorsteps of iconic landmarks - with not even a whisper of the tales of time and tradition woven into each and every one of them.
Landmarks are so often the backdrop of travellers' photographs and moments of awe as tourists eagerly seek them out, and we too found ourselves captivated, drawn to the majesty of these iconic giants - and we wanted to learn more. More than just their name and the country they are associated with. Each one, a grand stage where history has unfolded, was more than just a point on a map. They were sprawling narratives, interwoven with their surroundings, and they were calling for their stories to be told.

We decided to answer that call. These landmarks, these silent narrators of history, deserved to be more than just passive spectators. They deserved to be the protagonists of their own stories.

And so, Landmark Letters was born, bringing to life the stories these marvels of our world hold within their stone and steel hearts. Through them, we journey, we discover, we grow - one landmark at a time!
Also, by choosing to shop with us, you're not only supporting our family business, but you are also creating a ripple effect in our community! Materials needed for every aspect of our business are thoughtfully sourced from local small businesses.

From our paper to printing, envelopes to boxes, and even our web design are all sourced from small local businesses, so you really do make a difference to so many families when you shop with us!