Discover the stories behind the world's most famous landmarks!

Introducing our enchanting Landmark Letters, a magical journey for young explorers aged 5-12.

Marvel at the tales woven around the globe's most awe-inspiring landmarks. These letters unfold spectacular stories, transforming stone and steel into living, breathing narratives. Awaken your child's curiosity and watch their eyes dance with wonder as they unearth the mysteries of the Great Pyramids or feel the heartbeat of the Eiffel Tower.

These vibrant, crafted letters light up young imaginations, unveiling the epic tales of courage, triumph, and time that are etched into each landmark. Each word acts as a stepping stone, bridging the distance between your child and the world's wonders. Experience the joy of discovery and let our Landmark Letters open the door to a world of adventure, inspiring a lifelong love of history, culture, and exploration.

Illuminate your child's world - one landmark at a time!

Why choose us?

  • Cultivate Curiosity:

    Ignite your child's innate sense of wonder with our Landmark Letters. Discover the tales and legends etched into world-renowned architectures, fostering a love for learning and an appetite for knowledge.

  • Experience the Epic:

    Each letter unveils the stories that have shaped our world. Journey through time, unravelling the riveting narrative behind each landmark, giving your child a memorable and educational adventure.

  • Architectural Appreciation:

    Beyond captivating stories, our letters instill an understanding and appreciation for architectural marvels. By exploring the aesthetics and engineering feats, your child gains a unique perspective on global culture.

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This month's letter...

Yellowstone National Park - USA!

Prepare for an unforgettable journey to the heart of America's wilderness in Yellowstone National Park! Our latest letter offers a glimpse into the majestic natural beauty and dynamic landscapes of one of the world's most renowned national parks. Yellowstone, a symbol of natural wonder, showcases the untamed beauty of the wild with its geysers, hot springs, and diverse wildlife, all woven into the fabric of the United States' natural heritage.

Embark on an imaginary exploration of Yellowstone's vast expanse, from the eruptive spectacle of Old Faithful to the serene waters of Yellowstone Lake. Each feature of the park, from its thunderous waterfalls to its expansive valleys, tells a story of the Earth's raw power and the delicate balance of nature. Witness the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where rushing waters carve through ancient rock, creating breathtaking vistas that have inspired generations.

Discover the secrets of Yellowstone's thriving ecosystems, where wolves roam free and bison herds wander vast grasslands under the open sky. Learn about the park's geothermal wonders, the scientific mysteries they hold, and the efforts to preserve this unparalleled natural treasure.

Dive into the heart of Yellowstone National Park through engaging narratives and stunning photography. Sign up now for a journey that brings the marvels of this iconic American wilderness right to your home. Experience the beauty and complexity of Yellowstone, where every geyser's steam and every animal's call is a reminder of our planet's incredible diversity and resilience.

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What age group are the Landmark Letters appropriate for?

Our Landmark Letters cater primarily to the imaginative minds of children aged 5-12, sparking their curiosity and capturing their interest at this pivotal stage of growth. That said, their appeal transcends age boundaries. We delight in knowing that older children and even parents eagerly anticipate each letter's arrival, proving that the allure of exploration and discovery is truly timeless!

How frequently are the letters delivered?

The letters are delivered monthly, providing a consistent stream of educational and exciting content for your child. We charge our subscribers on the 5th of each month, and our letters are mailed within a few days.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for international delivery (we ship from the UK).

How is the content of the letters curated?

The content is meticulously researched and curated and balances engaging stories with insightful knowledge about the landmarks' history and architecture. Questions are also included at the end of each one to check for learning!

How do the Landmark Letters aid in my child's learning?

These letters foster a love for reading, history, architecture, and culture. They inspire curiosity and enhance knowledge, while encouraging independent learning.

Can these letters be sent to any country?

Yes, we offer FREE worldwide shipping. We believe that every child, no matter where they are, should have the opportunity to explore the world's wonders.

Can I purchase a Landmark Letter as a gift?

Absolutely! Our Landmark Letters make wonderful gifts. They are not only educational, but also provide a fun and engaging activity for children.

Just be sure to add the recipients/child's name to the shipping address instead of your own.

How do I pause/cancel my subscription?

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